Weekend Adventure: Quebec City Part 1 – It Is In Fact Cold at the Hotel De Glace

Ice Bar

To continue my jet setting ways, this weekend I jetted off to Quebec City for the weekend with my friend Alli.  This was a quick weekend trip with three purposes: The Ice Hotel (Hotel de Glace), Food and Photography.  Done, done and totally done.

So let’s start with the Hotel De Glace:

Hotel De Glace

You would think, being a rationale adult who is no stranger to the cold winter climate, I would dress appropriately for a visit to something called an Ice Hotel. You would think so…however, I was a touch underdressed for a four hour romp through every nook and cranney of this hotel built of ice, including sliding down an ice slide…twice (are you really surprised?).

Ice Sliding

Ice Sliding

Thanks Alli for those pictures!

I was cold, and my boots are not made for walking on snow for four hours. We had to take a break just so I can feel my feet again.

Ice Brick

Otherwise, being able to explore the hotel during the day before they close off the rooms for the brave overnight guests was a lot of fun. There was a mixture of plain rooms and themed suites. The themed suites were fun to explore.

Brick's Room

Inukshuk Room

Arctic Spa Suite

Fairy Room

Then there was the Chapel, which you can get married in:

Ice Chapel

And the ice bar where you can grab a drink in an ice cup while chillaxing on some fur topped ice chairs:

Ice cups

Ice cup

Of course, it started snowing really heavily as the day ended. It was our signal to hustle back to the warm car and head back into Quebec City.

It was a fun day, and true to the nature of the trip, some more random shots:

hotel de glace: Hallway


Column at Ice Bar

And the snow starts again

For the rest, you can check out my Flickr Page!


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