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Whipping my Cinnamon Buns

Over the past few weeks I’ve been practicing something called Double Unders as much as I can.  It’s one of those skills in CrossFit I was so close to being able to actually do, unlike something like Handstand pushups or … Continue reading

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Cheese + Beer = Beer Batter Cheese Bread

In this Facebook era, has our definition of boundaries changed so drastically that even those who want to maintain their sense of boundary cannot?  Are we all being sucked into this new norm of a blurred sense of privacy and … Continue reading

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I Just Need To Believe in Myself Hot Chocolate

The other day at CrossFit, our WOD (workout of the day) consisted of a set of strict presses (pressing the bar from shoulders to overhead) and a set of push presses (same movement, except with the addition of using your … Continue reading

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A Spinster’s Treat for her Valentines: Ginger Spiced Palmiers

In my perpetual single-dom, February 14th used to make me a little sad.  But now that I’m old and supposedly a bit wiser, I now have come to a realization. I may not have a Valentine, but it doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Hummus Made from Accidentally Sprouted Chickpeas

Encouraged by my friend Shelley, I decided to submit a couple of photographs to the Upstream Gallery’s Photography Takes Over show.  I had submitted some photos last year, but was never chosen, so imagine my surprise when not only the … Continue reading

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