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Pork Belly…Good

For a woman who has turned to the flexitarian way (more veggies, very little meat) for the past year or two, I seemed to also have developed an odd fascination with all things pork.  Especially pork belly.  It is odd, … Continue reading

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Pre-Gaming Thanksgiving Feast!

Kids, I did it.  I have cooked a Thanksgiving feast for 11 people.  It took a lot of thinking, planning, shopping and of course, cooking, but it was totally worth it.  Photos courtesy of Andrew! To make things easy, I … Continue reading

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Cornish Hen with Cornbread Stuffing

This weekend I went on a home furnishings buying binge in an attempt to make my place look a little more like someone actually has been living there for the past 6 months.  My father has been super helpful in … Continue reading

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Hong Kong, it’s different every time.

I’ve been to Hong Kong quite a few times. In the past three years, annually, and before that, every now and then. Some people argue that once you’ve seen one big city, you’ve seen them all. On the outside, I … Continue reading

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Quickie Bread out of a Bag: William Sonoma’s Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quickbread Mix

Eek!  It’s been almost a month since my last post! That is way too long! I promise I will fill you in on the exciting adventures I had in Hong Kong soon! It’s going to be an exciting post co-written … Continue reading

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