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The Pack Rat makes some Stuffing Pockets for Dinner

I am not a very sentimental person, but I am a pack rat.  Not to say nothing holds a special meaning to me.  Plenty of stuff does, but I hold on to things because I’m more afraid that once I … Continue reading

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Big Brother and the Cookie with the Long Name: Oatmeal Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan Cookie

I have a secret to confess.  I watch Gossip Girl.  Damn you Netflix!  I’m up to season 4, and I have to say, I can only watch it a few episodes at a time.  I have to put it down … Continue reading

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Let Calorie Fest 2012 Begin! First Up: Thanksgiving Dinner

This year, with my mother on holiday in China, it was just going to be me, my brothers, my father and my sister in law for Thanksgiving.  Just 5 people, but the most important people in my life.  So, I … Continue reading

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A Short Trip in Memphis: BBQ, Blues and Ducks!

Last week was an interesting week for me.  I went to Memphis!  What made this trip interesting, besides being in Memphis, was that it was the first time I traveled alone, to attend a work related function, alone. I am … Continue reading

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Gluten-less Brownie Experiment: Take 2 (Black Bean Brownies)

On Saturday, I went with my friend Shelley to try out this meetup group in the city.  This group was going to do a photography walk through Central Park to capture the fall foliage.  I’ve never done a meetup before, … Continue reading

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One Girl, One Squash, Two Meals

It’s rough being a single gal who cooks her own food.  I mean, I could make it easy and just do take away, but that costs money and calories.  So, I cook, to save money, calories and to practice. However, … Continue reading

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