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No Skinny Jeans for this Girl

I recently came across this: The 157lb dissection. I loved it.  I love her honesty, how she just lays it all out there asking us to judge her.  My favorite line?  “The way you look should be a by-product of … Continue reading

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Ode to Summer

Summer is here! Summer has wasted no time getting re-acquainted.  Besides the sudden onset of heat and humiditiy, there are some things worth looking forward to… Fresh berries, fruits and the slew of super colorful fresh veggies busting out of … Continue reading

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Ditching the Diet for Burgers and Beer: Westchester Magazine’s Burger Beer Bash 2013

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I try to be a flexatarian.  Meaning, I follow mostly a plant based diet, but will eat a little meat.    However there are some times where the gloves are off and the whole … Continue reading

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For My Wonderfully Supportive Brothers: Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let me start off by saying I have two wonderfully supportive brothers who love to show said support by constantly giving me a hard time about everything possible.  To the general public, they can sound harsh and mean as they … Continue reading

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