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I am the Beast, and I made a Cheesecake with no oven

When I was much younger, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie, and Belle was my favorite princess.  Or really “Princess” since she was not one by birth, and really, was the Beast a Prince or just a … Continue reading

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Honey & Mustard Salmon

This past week has been a bit rough of this old bird.  I’ve just been feeling so run down during my workouts, like everything is much more of an effort than it used to be, and I was pulling in … Continue reading

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My shutter speed was….fast?

A few months ago I decided to enter one of my favorite photographs from my Alaska cruise last year into the Westchester County Amateur Photographers Contest.  I had entered the year before, but my picture didn’t quite make the first … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Banana Cookies that are “healthier”

A bunch of my friends and family chipped in and got me a brand spankin new Macro lens for my camera.  However due to some logistical issues I needed to wait another week until its arrival.  I was like a … Continue reading

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Taking what I got to make what I want: Banana Brown Rice Pudding

This week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  So many things going on! First, I got good news at work.  Really good news, like news I’ve been waiting for kind of good news.  Yet, with good news … Continue reading

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