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Berry Yogurt Popsicles

Now that I’m on a period of forced resting, I have to start watching what I eat with a little more care.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve definitely been eating much much worse. So, it’s time to hop … Continue reading

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Something Quick for Summer: Figs and Peaches and Tomatoes, Oh My!

It’s now the tail end of summer. It’s dark now at 5:30am.  Pretty soon I’ll have to wear my reflective running belt again.  I’m not ready for that yet! With the summer quickly wrapping up, I’ve been out and about … Continue reading

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Baked Apples Take 2: Baked Apple Crumble

Fall is upon us!  I apparently missed apple picking this year, but alas, it doesn’t stop me from baking them!  It’s funny, I eat them year round, but I won’t bake with them until the Fall.  There is always a … Continue reading

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Peach Picking + Lazy Sunday = Peach Crisp

I’ve actually never gone peach picking.  Or at least not until yesterday. Instead of meandering North, like I would for apple picking, I meadered South, into Jersey, to join some friends in their annual peach picking trip. It was a … Continue reading

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Grown Up Twist on a Kiddie Treat – Red Wine Jello

I’m not a fan of hot and humid.  Hot and humid means when I finish my run I am completely soaked from head to toe in my own sweat.  I’m not exaggerating like a woman at the gym who has … Continue reading

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I am the Beast, and I made a Cheesecake with no oven

When I was much younger, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie, and Belle was my favorite princess.  Or really “Princess” since she was not one by birth, and really, was the Beast a Prince or just a … Continue reading

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Breakfast for Dinner Party: Breakfast Pizzas and then some

As I was approaching my big 30th birthday, I hemmed and hawed between all sorts of ways I wanted to spend my birthday.  I was having a bit of a bi-polar type crisis over it.  One day I’d be thrilled … Continue reading

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Mango DoFu Fa

Despite the dreary start to the day, the weather cleared up nicely.  I had one of my windows open for a while, and it felt like spring.  The air felt so fresh.  In celebration of such a wonderfully spring like … Continue reading

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Apple Apple Pie

My brother spent the day with me today and wanted to make this dessert he found on Pintrest.  Actually, he wanted to make something he found a picture of on Pintrest.  Great.  We went to my Stop and Shop to … Continue reading

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Pomelo Salad – The best cure for a calorie binge over the long weekend

I have to admit.  As frustrating it sometimes is at work, I have to say, the ability to have a four day weekend helps ease the tension.  I enjoyed my four day weekend.  I got some quality time in with … Continue reading

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