Grown Up Twist on a Kiddie Treat – Red Wine Jello


I’m not a fan of hot and humid.  Hot and humid means when I finish my run I am completely soaked from head to toe in my own sweat.  I’m not exaggerating like a woman at the gym who has a little sweat spotting on the back of her t-shirt and a slightly damp forehead claiming she is sweating.  I mean, it’s so bad, sweat is dripping down my legs and you can wring out my shorts and leave a puddle in the parking lot.  Very lady like, I know.

Perhaps it means I deal with heat very efficiently, so no fainting spells from this girl.  But, the problem also becomes that I get dehydrated very quickly and must resort to popping electrolyte pills every couple of hours.  Also, chafing is a very real problem that leaves scars and makes that post run shower pretty painful. Hard core stuff.

And my mother wonders why I haven’t met anyone running….

So, back to the point.  It has been hot and humid out lately.  I’ve decided that it isn’t worth toughing it out, so my AC has been running pretty steady, which means minimal use of the stove top and oven.   This then just means lots of salads for dinner and seeking a more creative way to make dessert.

Which leads me to reexamine a treat usually relegated for children and hospital patients, Jell-O.

This is a recipe I found in a book I purchased at the recent Greenburgh Library book sale.  I was actually convinced to buy it by the lovely ladies who were running the sale.  As they reminisced about the days of the wonderful jello molds they used to make, I was intrigued enough to buy the book and maybe make a jello mold of my own.

However, today I was lazy, so I decided to make something really simple, but more grown up than the usual jello cups.


Red Wine Jello Cups with Plums (adapted from The New Joys of Jell-O)


One 3 oz package of red jello (I used raspberry)

1 cup boiling water

1/4 cup cold water

1/2 cup red wine

Go Forth and:

Dissolve the jello in the boiling water completely.

Mix in the cold water and the wine.

Pour into the desired container.  (I used my handy dandy double old fashion glasses, and I got three glasses, filled halfway full)

Put into the fridge and chill until set.


I had gotten some plums at the farmers market that morning.  They were small ones and the skins were tart but the flesh was sweet.  So, I quartered them around the pit and peeled off the skins.  Then I sliced the quarters and placed them ontop of the jello and sprinkled a little sugar and cinnamon on top.



The jello was very good.  A nice grown up twist on a typical kiddie treat.  The wine was not overpowering and left a nice warm after taste.  The plums and the cinnamon were a nice supplement to the jello and spiced it up nicely.


Super easy to make and a nice classy way to end a meal on a hot summer day!


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Engineer during normal working hours...photographer, baker, cook, runner, crossfitter and traveler the rest of the time.
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1 Response to Grown Up Twist on a Kiddie Treat – Red Wine Jello

  1. I am intrigued by this recipe! Also, your comment of, “And my mother wonders why I haven’t met anyone running…” made me laugh so hard just now! I don’t run, but am sure I looked all kinds of stunning at Trader Joe’s today after yoga… (This is why I don’t check the mirror before I get home, what does that accomplish?)

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