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You Won’t See This in the Movies: Roasted Veggie Tarts and Some Salad

Now that I’ve turned thirty, and therefore a bit wiser, I have now come to accept that the movies are not reality.  The “ugly duckling” spinster won’t suddenly know how to put on make up properly and wear better fitting … Continue reading

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Deserted Island Dessert: Coconut Banana Cream Pie

A friend of mine recently told me that she was asked who she wanted with her if she were stuck on a deserted island. Her answer? Me. Me? Really? I was flattered, but then she went on to explain why. … Continue reading

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Right Hand Rings and some Salmon Rice Salad

Here is a question for you ladies.  Remember back in the day the popularity of the right hand diamond ring?  Is that still a thing? Does a diamond ring on the left hand mean “we”, and a diamond ring on … Continue reading

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Grown Up Twist on a Kiddie Treat – Red Wine Jello

I’m not a fan of hot and humid.  Hot and humid means when I finish my run I am completely soaked from head to toe in my own sweat.  I’m not exaggerating like a woman at the gym who has … Continue reading

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One Trip, Two Days of Celebrations: Cananda Day and 4th of July!

Happy Fourth everybody!  I still can’t believe that it’s already Independence Day.  Where does the time go? As we celebrate our Independence Day from the British Empire (by watching the Mets fall apart once again in the last half of … Continue reading

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