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Running round the neighborhood for some pancakes

Whenever I run long (6 miles or more) on a day I have off from work, my go to post workout recovery meal is a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich.  For me, it is just the perfect post run … Continue reading

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The Sweet Sweet Taste of Tree Blood

I am a hard core multitasker.  Just ask anyone at work.  I work on more things than an otherwise normal employee can sanely comprehend.  It is my biggest strength and will lead to my biggest downfall.  Multitasking is good unless … Continue reading

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I Can’t Taste Without My Nose.

If you ever have the desire to let everyone within a 50 foot radius know that you are sick and instead of being sympathetic, being slightly afraid of you, then make sure you have Bronchitis.  Trust me, I know from … Continue reading

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Winter, I Bid Thee Farewell: Pumpkin Cake

A friend of mine reached a milestone birthday this weekend, and I wanted to make her something special.  Something warm and homey, while being fun and child-like at the same time.  As I was hemming and hawing over what to … Continue reading

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Mango DoFu Fa

Despite the dreary start to the day, the weather cleared up nicely.  I had one of my windows open for a while, and it felt like spring.  The air felt so fresh.  In celebration of such a wonderfully spring like … Continue reading

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