I Can’t Taste Without My Nose.


If you ever have the desire to let everyone within a 50 foot radius know that you are sick and instead of being sympathetic, being slightly afraid of you, then make sure you have Bronchitis.  Trust me, I know from years of experience.

That’s right.  This past week I was sick.  I called out sick Monday and stayed housebound the entire day.  Tuesday, I thought I felt better and went to work.  Ended up coughing and snotting very loudly all day.  Wednesday, I called out again since the cough has now came in continuous fits and were obnoxiously loud (I wonder if I ever woke my neighbor).  I finally broke down, called my doctors office and got me squeezed into the schedule.

The medical group my doctor belongs to is getting fancy.  Checking in is now done via a tablet, and I paid my co-pay by swiping my card on that tablet.  After waiting a good bit, then seeing my doctor who then sent me to get a chest x-ray in order to diagnose me with Bronchitis with a touch of Asthma (I was not surprised…remember…years of experience).  Prescription submitted to Pharmacy by my doctor along with orders of no running for the next week (not a good thing with the Half Marathon coming up next weekend), and out the door I went.  Eazy-pezy!

Well, that was the easiest part.  I went back to work on Thursday, feeling better, but still sounding terrible.  In order to keep the coughing fits to a minimum I had to keep conversation to a minimum.  Not a difficult task since a pretty good percentage of people don’t normally talk to me, and those who did were pretty much scared off by the racket I was making.

The worst part is the congestion.  Congestion means my nose is useless.  I can’t breathe through my nose, so I can’t eat like a proper lady, and I can’t even taste my food!  I didn’t know which was worse, eating with my mouth open, so I can breathe, not being able to taste my food, or sounding like my lungs were trying to escape!

Good thing the week is now over (with T-5 days before I can run again!), and I can now hack up a lung and chew with my mouth wide open in the privacy in my own home.  What can I say?  I’m a classy lady!

Lazy Sunday

Classy Lady at Rest

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Engineer during normal working hours...photographer, baker, cook, runner, crossfitter and traveler the rest of the time.
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