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Breakfast for Dinner Party: Breakfast Pizzas and then some

As I was approaching my big 30th birthday, I hemmed and hawed between all sorts of ways I wanted to spend my birthday.  I was having a bit of a bi-polar type crisis over it.  One day I’d be thrilled … Continue reading

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Thirty, Flirty and…Little Piggy Bread!

The movie 13 going on 30 was on TV the other day.  I do enjoy the movie, but in this viewing I was a little perplexed in why this girl needed to be thirty.  I kept thinking “honey, when you’re … Continue reading

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Ricotta Cheese….kinda sorta

I love Ricotta Cheese.  No joke.  I will eat it straight out of the container.  I will shamelessly lick the bowl when it’s farm fresh at a classy restaurant.  I put way too much in my baked ziti, and I … Continue reading

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It’s Ice Cream time!

Man oh man it’s hot out!  Took the dog out for a run and he almost overheated.  And it’s only April?  What is going on?  Since it seems we skipped spring and moved straight into summer, I will now officially … Continue reading

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Some Things Just Never Change

Oh high school gym class.  Such memories.  Not many wonderful ones, but lots of memories in general.  Ah, who am I kidding, I hated gym class. One game we played back in good old BHS was Mat Ball.  Yea, it … Continue reading

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Stained Glass in Food Form: Broken Glass Jello

A couple of years ago, I stayed in this bed and breakfast in Vancouver called the Corkscrew Inn.  It was my first time at a bed and breakfast, and even though I have decided I am not the bed and … Continue reading

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