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Kickball – Summer 2014

Last Thursday I found myself in an MRI machine getting a scan of my right knee.   25 minutes of staring at the ceiling makes you think about things…a lot. The Thursday before, I found myself taking a hit from … Continue reading

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What I Did This Summer. A Wrap Up of Sorts.

It seemed like yesterday I made my Ode to Summer. Just as summer unofficially came to a close, we seem to be in the midst of a reminder that it is not officially over.  Technicalities really, but close enough. How … Continue reading

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Ice S’mores Sandwiches

I begrudgingly became captain of this kickball team I play with at work.  I mean, Begrudgingly with a super capital B.  I don’t know how to play kickball plus I can barely get my dog to listen to me, how was … Continue reading

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Some Things Just Never Change

Oh high school gym class.  Such memories.  Not many wonderful ones, but lots of memories in general.  Ah, who am I kidding, I hated gym class. One game we played back in good old BHS was Mat Ball.  Yea, it … Continue reading

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