Kickball – Summer 2014

Last Thursday I found myself in an MRI machine getting a scan of my right knee.   25 minutes of staring at the ceiling makes you think about things…a lot.

The Thursday before, I found myself taking a hit from a base runner at a kickball game.  It wasn’t a hard hit, but a hit at just the right angle where something in my knee snapped.  As I was laying on the ground, I felt that pang of devastation as I was sure my running season was over.   Just as I was finally falling back in love with running again, this happens.  FML.  I was just four games away from retiring.

Out for the season, I now found myself captaining from the the sidelines full time.  At least now, I had time to bring my camera and give sports photography a try.

It was a late game, so I was fighting the diminishing sunlight, and with the fast action, there was a lot of motion blur happening.  But I think I got some pretty decent shots:







Side note: How awesome are those shirts?  They were all individually tie dyed by the team’s T-shirt decorating committee at the beginning of the season.  Pitches be Trippin!

I still have the playoffs to go, so more may be on the way.  For the time being, the whole set from this game can be found HERE


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Engineer during normal working hours...photographer, baker, cook, runner, crossfitter and traveler the rest of the time.
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