Weekend Adventures: Quebec City Part 2: The short short short short version….

Quebec City

I know, it has been a little longer than necessary for me to post Part 2 of my Quebec City adventures but life got a bit busy.  I don’t think I’ve actually had a moment to sit still since I got back!

Now, I find myself in a hotel (work trip), away from home, alone and unable to stand up straight.  I thought it would be fun to visit another box for crossfit while I was in town.  However, I must have done something stupid, or just too much because as I was walking home from dinner, I was definitely shuffling down the sidewalk like a little old lady, eyes to the ground.  So, I guess I have some time to finally make this post happen!

My thoughts on Quebec City:


They like their chandeliers. Or at least our hotel did. Also, this is my third encounter with the questionable shower situation. Maybe it is a European thing and their definition of privacy. But there was just a sheet of glass separating the rest of the room from the shower.

Thankfully there was a curtain that could be pulled in front of it, otherwise, we would each have spent some quality time in the hallway.

Learn your French.  For real.  Once you get out of the more touristy areas, english becomes a little more stilted.  Can’t blame them, I mean, they at least can switch to limited english to accomodate you, how many people in New York can switch to French to accomodate them?

chateau de frontenac at night

It is a lot of fun to just walk around and explore the streets, buildings and boutique stores.

Quebec City

Quebec Flag

Quebec City Rooftops

Quebec City

Quebec City

Quebec City

Quebec City

The internet says Paillard has the best chocolate croissants (chocolatine), but I think Baguette & Cie’s are better.


When I told someone at work where I was going, all they said to me was “The food is good”.  He didn’t lie.  The food was delicious.  We had a bistro breakfast complete with bowls of cafe au lait at Le Couchon Dingue

Cafe au lait

rabbit at Le Lapin de Saute

Le Lapin Saute
breakfast with the locals at Cafe Krieghoff

Cafe Krieghoff

followed by maple syrup on a stick (and getting chastised for it by a lady passing by…she must know our dentists)

Maple Syrup on a stick

poutine at Chez Ashton’s


some maple sugar pie at Aux Anciens de Canadians

Maple Sugar Pie

And sampled some local brews

Quebec City

Quebec City

Like Vancouver, the drivers of Quebec City are super nice.  It definitely wasn’t an issue getting around, while lost and needing to squeeze into lanes last minute.

Watch out for falling ice.  The signs are everywhere for a reason!  We actually did watch some people get pelted with ice sliding off of the steep rooftops and onto the street below.

Chute de Glace
Chute de Glace
Chute de Glace

Sorry for being so photo heavy…but trying to pick out the best was a bit tough. So, check out all my little street finds, food photos and other great shots of Quebec City in my flickr album!


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