ChezSylvia Travels: Singapore via Hong Kong

To Singapore!

Took the camera out for another spin halfway around the world again!  This time, I visited Singapore with a stopover in Hong Kong.

A few quick notes:

I forgot to reset my camera settings from food photography.  I didn’t realize this until I made it to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which would explain the vividness in color in some of my earlier shots.

Singapore is hot.  I didn’t fully realize how close it was to the equator until I started sweating profusely and started rethinking my philosophy on walking everywhere.  However, the food centers…not air conditioned at all, but strangely enough, I was comfortable in there.  Maybe it was due to being so focused on the food.

In Hong Kong, I actually nixed my trusty Nikon and went old school with a film camera.  I definitely slowed down a bit and really started thinking more about my shots.  A good exercise, which hopefully produces a few good prints.  I had class on the Thursday I came back and was able to make a contact sheet.  Looks promising!

Other than that, below are a selection of my absolute favorites (as per my 3am jet lagged self).  It was really hard to whittle it down from the hundreds of photos I took to the 97 I put in the Flickr album.  It was even harder to narrow that down to the 20 I posted here.  So, I highly recommend a visit the album in Flickr for all the great photos (including the food) that made the initial cut.

Marina Bay Sands - Laser Show

S'pore - Chinatown laterns

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Directions at the SBG

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Art Science Museum - Lily Pad


Maxwell Food Center

Marina Bay Panoramic


Dog Parking

Early AM Star Ferry

Australia Diary Company

Bone - Stanley

Marina Bay Sands walkway

Boats - Stanley

Night light, Ascott Singapore

Till we travel again Gillbert….

Time to Go home Gillbert

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