Weekend Adventures: New York State Fair

Chicken Nuggets

Maybe it is because Syracuse is in the same state, but it never occurred to me that the drive to Syracuse was longer than a drive to Cape Cod, and yet, I would never go to the Cape, on a whim, for a day.  But I would, and did for Syracuse.  Kids, New York State is huge.

I went to Syracuse to visit the New York State Fair.  I’ve been a resident of New York State my whole life, and yet, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the fair.  That needed to be remedied.  Plus I heard rumors of deep fried gummy bears.  I had to see this for myself.

Lost Kid Tag

Overall, the fair was fun.  Sunscreen and a good floppy hat are an absolute must.

Diets are checked at the door when you buy your ticket.  Fried, sweet, greasy foods only to be found.

Fried Foods

Fried Veggies


Bacon Bomb Sandwich

Fried Oreo and Cheap Beer

Awesome Sausage

The most fun part of a State Fair is the Agricultural portion.  Show cows of all kinds of breeds, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, poultry, bunny rabbits and llamas!  All groomed and raised with love and displayed for all to admire.

Hey there

Dont touch the animals

Hey Buddy


Rabbit with sharp pointy teeth!


Multi colored fur balls

There were also the usual fair amusements.  Carnival games and rides for the kids.  All sorts of exhibits and displays by various New York State agencies and companies to educate and inform.

Carnival Prizes

Ferris Wheel



In the end we spent about 5 hours at the fair before running out of steam.  The sun, heat, greasy foods and all that walking really wore us down.  So much so, we ended up abandoning our search for the fried gummy bears.  Cold drinks in hand, we settled back in the car, AC on full blast and hit the road for the 4 hour journey home.

Cold Drinks

For the full album, see my Flickr!

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