Weekend Adventures: Fete Paradiso on Governors Island

Governor's Island

One of these days I will travel afar solo.  People who have done it swear it’s the best thing ever.  I believe them, but I am also not a brave soul and fear the unknown, especially when alone.  Something to work.

This weekend, I took took a solo trip of sorts.  I figured I start small and explore something new but familiar, alone.  I decided to be one with the tourists and go wander around Governors Island on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

Me and everyone else in New York apparently.

The main reason why I chose Governors Island for this weekend’s adventure was the Fete Paradiso exhibit happening until the end of September.  It was a collection of vintage French carnival rides.  Some were operational that you can ride for $3.  A few were for display only, and there was also food, drink and live entertainment.  All French of course.  I figured it would all make for some fun photographs.

French Pendants

For all the photos I took…check them out here!

To get to Governors Island, there is a free ferry that leaves from the Battery Maritime Building. Free is the word. Takes a bit longer, but hey, it’s free.

To the Ferry


Once on the island, there is a plethora of activities abound. To find the Fete, just follow the carousel horses.

To the Fete!

The vintage carousel and carnival rides were pretty neat. The detailing and animals were very interesting. Not overly jolly, angelic and cute like the ones you would find today, but a little more dark in a way.

Carousel Pig

Vintage Man and Camel


Vintage VELO

Chandelier Bulbs


Vintage VELO

And there is always time for a little French inspired lunch:

Fete Lunch

Besides the Fete, there is also the happenings of the rest of the island.  There was something going on in almost every nook and cranny.

On the front porch

A composting exposition:

Compost Pile

And a vintage baseball game:

Old Timey Baseball

Lots of bicycles, rented and brought:

Blue Bikes

Recess Bocce:

Awesome Tent

And of course, the unbeatable views of Manhattan:



Sailboat Manhattan
Then it was time to go home. Back on the ferry I went…

Arriving to Governor's Island

To return to another island with a busy heliport and pigeons who play chess:


Bird Chess

Till my next adventures!

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