Camera Fun Day at the Grounds for Sculture and Ginger Honey Lemon Tea

Lake reflection

Another weekend adventure with the camera!  This weekend, I ventured down to Jersey to visit my friend Liz, and she took me to Grounds for Sculpture out in Hamilton, NJ.  For all of my favorite shots, visit my Flickr album!


It was our first time there, so we got a map and started wandering!  It was a beautiful day for January.  A warm day for a January really, but no complaints here.


It was a really cool place with random sculptures interspersed all over the grounds.  You never know what’s next!

Water feature


In line

Liz and Sylvia

Flower in the Rough
We wandered around, respectfully touching the sculptures while catching up on our girl chat. As the peacocks wandered around us, I’ve determined, I wouldn’t mind having them wander around in my backyard…when I become dirty filthy rich (not this lifetime, for sure!)

Peacock...up top!

Even though it was a rather warm day for a January, it was still pretty chilly out, especially as the sun was going down for the day.  A good day for tea!


One of my favorite hot beverages to drink on a cold day (and especially when I am under the weather) is ginger tea.  There is no actual tea in ginger tea, so at least I don’t have to worry about caffeine intake.

Ginger Honey Lemon Tea


1 little chunk of ginger.  You can put more or less depending on how spicy you want it.

Teaspoon of Honey

Slice of lemon (or more if you want it more lemony)

Cup of hot water.


Take the chunk of ginger and cut off the skin.  Then slice into matchstick size pieces.

Ginger Pieces

Put that in a cup along with the honey.  Squeeze the lemon slice into the cup and put into the cup too.


Take a spoon and smoosh everything together (I think the right term is muddle).

Pour in the hot water and give it a good stir.

Enjoy (carefully, cause it’s hot!)!

Ginger Tea

The beauty of this is, you can adjust it as you desire.  Feeling a bit uneasy in the tummy?  Add more ginger.  Feeling like a cold?  Add a little more lemon.  Too tart? A little more honey!

Or, if you are feeling especially lazy, and willing to spend a couple of dollars, go to your nearest Asian super market and get a jar of Honey Ginger concentrate.  It’s the same thing, except without the lemon.  Just a few teaspoons of that and some hot water, and you are good to go!

Honey Ginger Concentrate

Can’t wait for my next camera adventure!

The moon

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6 Responses to Camera Fun Day at the Grounds for Sculture and Ginger Honey Lemon Tea

  1. dinkerson says:

    Great shots. That one of the peacock… you almost just can’t take a bad one of a peacock. Ya know? 🙂

  2. Maribel says:

    Beautiful Sylvia!
    Thanks for sharing those great pics!!

  3. Great photos. I especially loved that red poppy. (Poppy, right?) And the peacock! Also, smoosh is a perfectly valid kitchen term.

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