Taking the Camera Out for some Fun: A Trip to the Cloisters

As I am putting this post together, I have the Golden Globes on, completely by chance (I just set up my DVR to record Downton Abbey). When I was younger, I remember watching this and thinking how awesome would it be to go. Now, older and wiser, I realize how the Golden Globes is essentially one large networking event filled with all sort of stress inducing factors such as eating, cameras watching you eat (it’s already stressful enough eating across from all those other people) and uncomfortable dresses (which I would totally drop or spill something on). Top all that with the networking frenzy…I think I’ll sit that one out.  Although, It would be fun to be within throwing distance of someone like Bradley Cooper….who, by the way, I’ve known him since he was scraggly Will Tippin in Alias….just sayin 🙂

Hexagonal Window

Anyway, always looking for an excuse to take the camera out for a spin (all in the name of practice), this Saturday, I took a trip out to the Cloisters.  There was promise of warmer weather, however I think them weather people were a bit off.

The Cloisters is an annex of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and located in way up there, North Manhattan (Inwood area), within Fort Tryon (or as I kept calling it, Fort Tyron) Park.  Accessible by subway (with a good walk), or city bus (M4 apparently can take you from door to door of the museums), but with free parking available, and coming from the ‘burbs, we opted to drive.

Cloisters - Entrance

The museum is interesting, although probably not my cup of tea.  It’s mostly Middle Ages architecture and religious artifacts.  It was a good thing we were there more for camera fun.  With the weather overcast and foggy, this visit proved to be a great way to practice fiddling with my settings.

Cloisters - Old Lead Windows

I love old windows with the original glass panels

I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from the 165 pictures I took that day.  For some more (my other favorites…not all 165!), check out my Flickr album!



Through the Chair

Through the Opening


Resting in Peace

GW Bridge in the mist

All in all a fun outing, despite the gloomy skies.  I’m actually really excited to see what Alli’s pictures look like.  I have much to learn from her!

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