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Christmas Dinner 2012 With A Little Almond Joy Cake

The holidays are coming to a close.  It seemed so quick this year.  It felt like only yesterday I was in A.J Friedman’s scoffing at the display of Christmas cards when it was 80 deg outside. Christmas this year was … Continue reading

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The Importance of Small Victories

While I was in business school, one lesson I took to heart was the importance of celebrating small victories.  When you have a group of hard workers trudging their way to achieve some goal, you have to make sure they … Continue reading

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What I do on a Lazy Friday: Make Carrot Cake

It has been a long time coming. I needed this more than anything else. The pull was irresistible, I had to succumb to its pull. Lazy Friday, you win. I started the day by sleeping in.  Sleeping in, for me, … Continue reading

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Paper Wrapped Cake

Paper Wrapped Cake is a literal translation of one of my favorite mid afternoon (sometimes breakfast) Chinese snacks.  In Cantonese it’s called a Zhee-Ba0-Dan-Go, and usually found in many Chinese bakeries.  I still can’t really pinpoint what it is exactly, … Continue reading

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It’s all upside down (Apple Cake)!

Very quick brain dump of notes from my latest and greatest baking experiment.  I made an Upside Down Apple Cake from a recipe out of Cook’s Illustrated, October 2009 issue.  For those of you unfamiliar with Cook’s Illustrated, it is … Continue reading

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