Butter Mochi, Take 2

Butter Mochi 2

I was wandering around an Asian supermarket the other day when, tucked at the end of an aisle, almost in its own little cubby, a recognizable white box caught my eye.  It was Mochiko flour.  Which got me thinking about that experiment I had before with the Butter Mochi.

Curious to see what it would be like with the proper Mochiko flour, I picked up a box (along with a can of evaporated milk and coconut milk), and scurried home to give it a try.

It’s a very easy recipe, but this time I used:

One whole 16oz box of Mochiko powder

Cut the sugar down to about 2 1/2 cups (instead of 3)

Buttered the pan, and parchment paper with some of the melted butter

Butter Mochi 2

What ensued?  Something way better than I made the first time around.  It had a softer, chewier interior.  It wasn’t eggy.  It was more moist, less cakey dense and not as sweet as the original.  I really like this iteration much better.

Note to self, Mochiko is not really interchangeable with regular rice flour.  It definitely produces a different texture.

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