Fireworks and a Dead Battery


So I learned a lesson the hard way: Always charge your camera battery (or carry an extra!)!

My town was having their fourth of July fireworks show, and this year, I was going to practice my night photography skills and go on the roof of my building to watch and take some pictures of the show.  I get a great view from up there, just have to remember to carefully wedge something in the door so I didn’t get locked out!

However, out of sheer laziness on my part, I decided that since my battery indicator showed two of the three bars, that meant my battery was fine and did not need recharging.

Never mind that the camera has been sitting idle in my camera bag for the past month, while still On.

Never mind that!

The funny part was, when I checked on my camera earlier, I thought “maybe I should charge the battery, since I have a few hours”.  A fleeting thought, I guess…

Not all for naught though.  I did manage to get 7 solid shots before my camera angrily disabled my shutter due to low battery.  Out of the 7 shots, I found three decent ones.

Fireworks 7/3/2013

Fireworkd 7/3/2013

Fireworks 7/3/2013

There is something about the streaking of the smoke that I like….

Without a camera, I figured, at least I can just stand back and just enjoy the show…but no.  I had a camera on my new phone I wanted to test out.


It just wasn’t the same.

So lesson learned here ladies and gents.  You should always have a fully charged camera battery, or carry an extra.  I’ll have to try again next year!!

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Engineer during normal working hours...photographer, baker, cook, runner, crossfitter and traveler the rest of the time.
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