Night Photography Workshop: Brooklyn


This week has been pretty exciting.  Filled with three nights that had me out and about way past my bedtime!  It’s a record for a girl like me!

One of those nights were spent in the lovely boro of Brookyln.  Growing up, I spent a considerable amount of time in Brooklyn, but mostly in the Sunset Park area.  That area is way on the other side of Brooklyn, and the location of the Brooklyn Chinatown located along 8th Ave.  So, for the longest time, that was all I knew, and therefore until a couple of years ago, didn’t think much of Brooklyn.

Then I discovered the charm of Park Slope, then slowly, Williamsburg and Greenpoint.  This week, I explored a bit and sampled parts of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Fort Greene and Cobble Hill.  Four of those places were done in one day (on another adventure)!

My first adventure in Brooklyn for the week was on Thursday night.  I ditched my kickball team again (They tend to win when I’m not there anyway), and took a Night Photography workshop with Remember Forever.  A great outfit that offeres more specialized classes that are really good.  I do highly recommend checking them out!

As always, check out my Flickr page for all pictures!

Over the course of the three hours, we practiced capturing sunsets:


an unexpected fireworks show:

Fireworks over Brooklyn


and views of Manhattan and the bridges (There was a salsa event happening in the vicinity.  Nothing like rocking out to some salsa music while waiting for the shutter to close).





Our third location had us at the more tourist popular spot right near the Brooklyn Bridge.  Here, we were instructed to not take a tourist shot, but to look for a perspective that was important to each of us.  Feeling a bit uninspired, I took a walk and I was intrigued by the ramp that lead to the dock for the East River Ferry.  I set up, set my shutter to 30 seconds, set the auto timer, pressed the button and backed away, not knowing what to expect at all.  When I saw what came out I was surprised, and pretty thrilled.

Down the Ramp

As jaded as I can get about Manhattan, the skyline at night will never get boring.  There is something about how Manhattan looks at night that always makes me feel so lucky to live close enough to be able to experience it more often then none.


A great class and great night overall!  Totally worth not making it home till after midnight on a work night!  Of course, if you’re going to have some nice long exposure times on your camera, might as well play with some light painting right?


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