This Girl Likes Beer: NYC Craft Beer Festival

Morning Fog

What is a typical girl these days?  With women advancing as quickly as they are, has our paradigm of a typical woman shifted fast enough to keep up?

I don’t know what makes a typical girl these days, but I can tell you what kind of woman I am…

I’m a woman who likes to get dirty.

Prego and The Gimp battle the rain, snow, mud and ice for another running adventure.  At least it was warm-er out.

A woman of varied interests and I like the challenge of climbing to new heights.


I am well educated, driven and trying to make my mark, career wise.


I am not graceful….at all.

10275c - 68

I like beer.


Take this weekend, when I attended the New York Craft Beer Festival.  My friend Alli had a well researched list of breweries we had to sample, and after three hours of tasting, rating and documenting, we declared success!  A lot of new finds for me, and I made good use of the pour bucket (otherwise at about 2 oz a sample, and lots of samples, I would have been on the floor, fast).  The most memorable one?  Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee Porter (it was a random find, not even on the list!).  It smelled like coffee, and it tasted like coffee without being super bitter stout-y.  I quite enjoyed it.

The event was organized well, and the crowds were surprisingly a lot calmer than the last time I went to something like this.  Perhaps because we went to the earlier session with the more tasting oriented crowd, as opposed to the later session, where it might be more mixed bag of participants (think frat boys).

After awhile everything started to taste the same (like an IPA), but I did try a Christmas Ale that tasted like pine needles in a cup, a wonderful Black Cherry Hard Cider (McKenzie’s), found that Blue Moon makes other beers, gave stouts another try and reaffirmed that I am still not a fan of IPA’s.  All in all, I learned a lot, found a bunch of new beers to look for and had a lot of fun!

Yea, I’m probably not your traditional feminine woman.  But who is these days?

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Engineer during normal working hours...photographer, baker, cook, runner, crossfitter and traveler the rest of the time.
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