UK Adventures Part 1: Edinburgh

Edinburgh - Mums

It’s been awhile!  I know you all missed me, or not…maybe just a little?

I went on a whirlwind tour of the UK (plus a day in Paris).  A trip basically built around the Loch Ness Marathon which I signed up for 6 months ago thinking it was a good idea.  I was starved for adventure, and I was about to ring in 30 years, so I freaked out, cut my hair short and signed up for an overseas marathon in the middle of nowhere Scotland.  To each their own right?

Well, the hair is still short, and now 6 months later I completed my third marathon (which is pretty awesome to say), tried haggis and liked it, tried Marmite and did not like it, found good food in Scotland and London, practiced some French and filled my quota for long distance train travel for the next three years.  It was an awesomely fun trip but at the same time absolutely exhausting.

So, while I feast of salads for the next few weeks to clear out all the artery clogging, pound inducing diet of meat, potatoes, beer and chocolate, I will feed you guys pictures from the trip.

I split the pictures up into cities visited so it’s more manageable.  I also posted them all on my Flickr site if you wish to peruse all of my selected pictures.  They can be found here:

The first city up…Edinburgh!

Edinburgh - Street Down Below

My thoughts on Edinburgh:

Home to Edinburgh University.  Such a perfect college town.  I’d go here in my next life.

Edinburgh - Sunset

There’s no coffee (the brewed variety we call coffee) in Europe. Americano is the way to go (espresso + hot water).

Thanks to Jenny for finding Mums Comfort Food.  It was delicious and they have awesomely good sausages. I wish I could go back and sample their lunch/dinner offerings.

Edinburgh - Mums breakfast condements

It rains randomly and unlike my love for a good summer rain, this rain is drenching and it is cold.  It was nice out then it suddenly started pouring right as our walking tour started.

Thanks to Bob for telling me about the Free Walking Tour.  With only a day in Edinburgh, this tour was incredibly entertaining and informative and brought us through all the major points of interest.  Definitely worth a walk in the rain.

Edinburgh - Wet Feet

Scottish Hog Roast at Oink was one of the best sandwiches ever.  The pork was just so succulent and moist.  I had mine with haggis and apple chutney on a white roll.  So incredibly delicious.  The best part is the display of that days pig in the window.

Edinburgh - Oink!

Scotch is not my drink of choice.  But it was interesting to learn about how to taste it and learn about the different flavor profiles that each region of Scotland has.  I apparently am partial to those produced in the Speyside area.  I now have a bottle for special occasions.

Edinburgh - SWE - Tasting in the Scotch collection room

We wandered into the New Town area in search of dinner.  We ended up going down Rose Street dotted with all kinds of pubs and eateries.  I had the haggis, and I liked it.  I also broke my rule about no alcohol before a marathon, but when in Rome right?

Edinburgh - Night Castle

Next up…Inverness and the Marathon!  Stay Tuned!!

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