Blueberry Boy Bait….or not

FIrst, let me start off with a quick lead in story.

I went to the library near my work during a recent lunch break to grab a copy of the Cake Bible (by Rose Levy Beranbaum).  This is one book I really should buy given the frequency I check it out from this library.  After I found it, I decided to take a look at the other cookbooks this library carried.  So I started scanning the shelves, noting possible future selections.  Then I took a turn, and this book was the first thing I see:

Whoa…where did I just wander into?  Turns out it was the woman’s self help section.  Go figure it would be right next to the cookbooks.  Anyway, after skimming a good chunk of the first chapter and filling my eye rolling quota for the year, I put it down and went back to reality with the Cake Bible.

So, why the lead in story?  Well, as I was flipping through the America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book (I do own others, and I will use them soon, I promise!), I happened across something called Blueberry Boy Bait.  According to the little inset, this was a family recipe that a young girl had entered into a Pillsbury Baking Contest and won second prize in the junior division.  It seems she named this recipe as such due to the effect it had on teenage boys once they got a bite of it.  Since it seems nothing else was helping me away from my cat lady status, why not see if this works?


The ingredients were plain and simple.  Butter, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, milk and blueberries.  The process was simple, dry into wet and fold in blueberries and then top with blueberries and a cinnamon sugar.  Bake, and then let the games begin!

It wouldn’t be me baking if something didn’t change.  So I cut the sugars down a touch (by a quarter of a cup) and added an extra handful of blueberries.  Nothing too bad.



So I mixed, and folded and then poured into my already greased and floured pan.  Added more blueberries on top, and sprinkled the cinnamon sugar on top.

When it was finally done, it smelled awesome.  But then when I went to go turn it out of the pan, I immediatly began to feel like something wasn’t right.  The top was nice and crunchy, but the bottoms looked a lot more greasy than I would like.  It was also much denser than anticipated.  Oh no, what happened?


I think I overmixed the batter.  I’m actually pretty sure I did.  The cake itself wasn’t bad to eat at all (I’ve already eaten four squares), but eating it with your hands rendered some greasy fingers.  The cake texture was dense and eggy, but the top was very good and crunchy.  I can’t tell what else went wrong.

Next time, I will mix the batter by hand when it comes time to introduce the flour mixture, and do it the way I learned in cookie class.  I will add it all at once and not in parts.  Oh baking experts, is there anything else that I might have done to lead to this?

Oh well, I guess this goes to prove how I am just not capable of baiting men.  Maybe I do need to spend more time in that part of the library!



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Engineer during normal working hours...photographer, baker, cook, runner, crossfitter and traveler the rest of the time.
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5 Responses to Blueberry Boy Bait….or not

  1. Shelley says:

    I think chocolate would prove a better boy bait, at least up here in the north.

  2. Trynia says:

    Try adding a little more flour. Hopefully that will help! The Blueberries sound really good.

  3. chezsylvia says:

    Oh! And Alan had mentioned you said something about the additional moisture blueberries impart onto muffins. That extra handful might have added to the problems too!

  4. Andrew L says:

    That book you mention finding in the library, that you roll your eyes at: it reminds me of this classic tune:

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